DOB: 24th November 2004 - 5th May 2015 Chest tumour and Bone Cancer. 

vWD Clear: BMD14414vWD1. ANKC Eye Cert: Clear

Hips 0:0 Grade A Elbows 0:0 Clear


Angus Handsome Pants was sent to us by our wonderful friend Lisa Stevenson from Anahera Bernese in New Zealand. He was one of two boys in the litter of 8 and we feel so lucky to have him in our lives. His father is one of my all time favourite dogs 'Sennenhof Hanspeter' aka Hansi who Lisa imported from Eve Menegoz's Sennenhof Kennel in Canada in 2003. Hanspeter is structurally one of the best dogs I have had the priviledge of meeting and what a gorgeous typey boy! Angus's mother is NZ.CH. Zanzebern Topsy Turi Imp Aust from the successful Zanzebern 'Turi' litter of 2001.

Angus is the light of my life and is more than a little spoilt! Angus fractured his tibial tuberosity at 5 1/2 months old being a crazy baby and we thought he would never be able to show again, he  rehabilitated enough to be shown successfully and gained his Australian Championship title in August 2006 at 20 months of age. Angus is a very jovial, cheeky boy who loves pats and being a farm dog. Angus loves the world and is pretty sure the world is there just to love him back!

He is 'site supervisor' at my husbands work and takes his role very seriously even though, now that he is 9, he does sometimes like a sleep in before work.

Angus sired some lovely litters before he was neutered due too prostate problems. He is our little General and definitely Number 1 at Vevey.
Love you Mr Beeeeee xxxxxxxxxxx

We lost Angus in 2015 at 10 1/2, our home will never be the same, the greatest heartbreak for us, he was so, so loved.

I only miss you when I'm breathing, I only need you when my heart is beating, you were the best Bee and you knew it, there will never be another like you. xxx


The most handsome in the land!

The most handsome in the land!