RUBISS Australian Champion Vevey Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing


DOB: 15/1/11.

vWD Clear: BY PARENTAGE. DM: Carrier 
DM: SOD1B Clear

Hips: 1:3 (Int Grade B) Elbows: 0:0

Eyes: AVA-ANKC 12646 Clear
Heart: Clear


Jersey or 'Little J' or 'Baby J' (even though she's not at all little ;) ) to her friends was one of the 3 girls I wanted to keep from my B litter. Jersey, Lily and Rama are all exceptional girls. Their 4th sister Maisie is equally stunning but her one blue eye disqualifies her from showing or breeding.

Jersey had the coat we need so Rama went to live at Cloudforest Bernese in Tasmania and Lily stayed here too.

Jersey is the funniest girl, she loves climbing on my chairs while I'm on them and eventually I just give up and get off. She is always happy and like the rest of her litter moves like a dream!

She was titled easily at 10 months and 10 days, one of the youngest bitches in Australia to do this with multiple Best of Breeds, Classes in Group In Show and Runner Up Best In Specialty Show.