Australian Champion Zollikon Sweet Dreams


DOB: 10th February 2006- 6th December 2014 (suspected brain tumour or bleed)

vWD Clear: BMD13597vWD1. AVA-ANKC Eye cert: Clear.

Hips: 1:2 (Int Grade A) Elbows: 0:0


Our Sweet Sugar Penelope was bred by Emma Sankey from Zollikon Bernese in Melbourne and came to us as a 12 week old puppy, I had seen photos of her litter and just couldn't resist her. She is such a dreamy girl, so gentle and always wanting a cuddle. She is ever so eager to please but loves nothing more than hanging out with her hero Angus! Sugar is our resident food snatcher is frequently found counter surfing in the kitchen!

Sugar has done very well in her show career winning many In Group and In Show awards at All Breeds Shows and Bernese Specialty Shows. Sugar won Best Puppy Of Breed at Melbourne Royal Show 2006 with a record entry for the breed. Sugar is well know by the Bernese Community around Australia for her lovely temperament and structure.

Sugar easily titled at 13 months old and has many great wins under international judges. She is a lovely, cobby girl with free flowing and powerful reach and drive.

Unfortunately Sugar had pyometra (uterus infection) at 3 yrs and was immediately spayed for her health and safety before she could ever have any babies, a big loss for bernese in Australia but she will always be our star!

Even spayed Sugar is still an amazing example of Bernese type and was Best Neuter in Show at the 2010 BMDCV Specialty Show under esteemed breed specialist Satu Yla-Mononen of Riccarron in Finland.

Sugar at 2 years old

Sugar at 2 years old